The Manifesto below is designed specifically to give you an idea of what a journey with 109 look like. Without these values, 109 World wouldn’t be a step toward a new world – a 109 World.

109th mala bead

108 is a known sacred number. The mala bead consists of 108 beads, but the piece holding the circle together is the 109th- a pause of silence, gratitude and acknowledgement before continuing the journey onward. This is what 109 is built from.

Positive impact: our only bottom line

All members of the 109 Team are dedicated to one thing: creating lasting positive impact stemming from personal motivation to do so. Our social and environmental causes lie at the core of the organization – anything and everything we do is for the higher purpose of creating change where needed.

Be of service for the world

Being of service in every way we can to support those in need lies at the core of 109.


We believe that emotional energy fuels the process of manifestation. A positive mindset, a light attitude towards life and grand visions along with focus and dedication, is how we demonstrate that we’re serious about our goals. We act with perseverance but always keep the light and bright energy of an open mind.

Trust and transparency

Social media has given people the permission to enter any space. The digital age has changed the level of transparency that we expect from people. 109 will use social media to keep an open, transparent and interactive communication with our community. We believe that everyone should be able to understand what we do and for this to happen we need to be as transparent and concise as possible. Transparency is a powerful tool.

Action validates knowledge

We believe doing is the best way of learning.

Healthy communication – healthy organization

Communication is key in our organization, especially when fighting uphill battles. With different opinions, strengths and weaknesses we know it is important to keep an open continuous dialogue about the challenges and opportunities that come up along our journey. With that we can be more human, less perfect and at times a bit more vulnerable – regardless of our roles and responsibilities. We are united in our differences and that is a valuable thing to understand.

Let Go

We don’t try to simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. We let reality be reality – and if it’s hard, every new day offers us the opportunity to adapt.

We question but we don’t judge

Listen, listen, listen – then ask questions. We strive to obtain a full understanding of the topics we encounter. It is important to keep questioning but equally important to do so in a non-judgmental manner. With that we become fully open to our ability to love and to our potential to create. John Lennon once said: “Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the non-judgmental fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.“ At 109 we work toward loving all people and situations in all their glory and imperfections.


Do what you love and love what you do. At 109 we only do work that is worth our time. Our days on this earth are short and pass by quickly. Let’s make them all count!

Go global but keep it local

This is a value that pervades our organization in several aspects. Our identity is defined by our world citizenship as our target group is global with an extensive international reach. Keeping a local aspect in mind and developing awareness of close surroundings and human interaction is key for building international empathy – fundamental for supporting local initiatives that are solving local problems.

No Assholes

Our greatest asset, the 109 community, thrives implicitly on kindness and generosity at its foundation. We seek out team members, partners, participants, collaborators and mentors who choose humility over arrogance, assume good intentions amongst one another, and though we will have many differences of belief and perspective, always treat one another with respect. Though we are a community open to individuals that want to make this world a better place, assholes will find no home at 109 World. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Framework – free

Instead of trying to fit in, we do things the way we believe is the absolute best for our cause according to the best of our abilities.

Celebrate simple achievements

After all life does not look back, and we prefer to have more days of happiness than less. For us, to celebrate simple achievements is to discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge and the joy of growth.

Embrace Ambiguity

Life is about making discoveries, embracing change and cherishing the moment to make the most out of it – even if the future is uncertain.

There are no random acts

We are all interconnected – what we do to Earth, we do to ourselves and what we do for ourselves, we do for the Earth.