What Makes Us Different?

109 World is Going Carbon Neutral

And you can do the same now while on our retreats! 109 has come together with CHOOOSE to make our retreats carbon neutral and fight climate change.
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Offset Your Round Trip Flights

1.70 tons CO2

Offset Your Daily Footprint

0.85 tons CO2

How Does This Partnership Work?

From now on, when booking a 109 retreat you will have on the check-out page the option to make your entire trip carbon neutral for only US$15 dollars (your international round trip flights, ground transportation from/to airport, transportation while on the retreat, lodging, all meals… everything CO2). For every participant that chooses to offset their experience, 109 World will direct these dollars to CHOOSE who – in cooperation with the UN – will buy carbon credits on your behalf. Each credit represents one tonne of CO2. Instead of using the credits to pollute, CHOOOSE tears them apart and remove them from circulation entirely and the money paid for carbon credits goes towards UN-certified clean energy projects around the world.

Cost Breakdown

Offset your flights and footprint while you are part of a 109 World experience!

US $10

Will cover an international round trip flight from anywhere in the world (1000 lbs CO2). For shorter flights, this price point will further push the arrow into climate positive territory. So feel cool about it, you will be completely offsetting your flight to your 109 retreat!

US $ .80/day

Will offset 2x the participants daily footprint on a 109 retreat, including the transportation you use to get to and from the airport at home. So you are totally going climate positive here as well. No footprints while gone with 109.

Make Yourself Climate Positive While at a 109 Retreat!

We should all give back to the world, reduce, reuse and recycle. But did you know that you can remove more than your total CO2 footprint for the price of a smoothie a month, making you climate positive?