About Us

109 World is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals take better care of themselves and their surroundings.

What we mean by “taking better care” is to learn how to prioritize mental wellness daily so we all have the capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a healthy and positive rather than negative mindset. Being mentally well means that our mind is in order and functioning in our best interest. We are able to think, feel and act in ways that create a positive impact on our own lives and the world around us.

Which “brain” has been motivating you

through life? Negative or positive?

Many of us are motivated by negative emotions most of our lives. Fear of failing, of looking like we don’t belong, being angry at ourselves for thinking we are not good enough. And here’s the interesting thing, we might generate a lot of success and results by being motivated by those negative emotions! But that’s far away from having a fulfilling life because it doesn’t generate happiness and peace of mind on a daily basis or for life. Mental wellness and mindfulness come from a place where you are motivated by positive emotions like empathy, curiosity, creativity, passion, and purpose.

We should all be tapping into our power of being motivated, performing, and living life through sustained happiness and peace of mind. And 109 is here to support you all the way. We are all in this together, learning everyday where the negativity (fear, stress, anger, guilt, shame, insecurity…) lives in us and where the positivity comes from. After all we are more able to handle life’s challenges and achieve our full potential when we are feeling positive and our best – mentally, physically and emotionally. We can only give as much love to the world as we have for ourselves. 

The impact on improving wellness is endless

In general you feel you are achieving your full potential in life; You feel much happier on a daily basis; And your relationships with yourself, with others and with your surroundings significantly improve and feel healthier. In addition to that, according to Stanford Mind and Body Lab:


You perform 31% better at work


You live 10 years longer


You are 3 X more creative and happier

Our Mission is to help individuals improve their mental health and well-being by living more mindful lives.

Our Vision is a world where all individuals achieve mental health and fulfillment by caring for oneself and our planet.

Our Team

Leticia Reyes

Co-Founder & CEO

At 109 I make sure our strategic and operational objectives are aligned with our goals of teaching every person that goes through a 109 Program practical tools to achieve personal goals, prioritize fulfillment and help alleviate, with their everyday actions, the social and environmental challenges of our time.
Our mission is to empower and remind every participant of the influence and impact they can have in their own lives and on our planet.

Savannah Carlson

Director of Community & Operations

Savannah has a passion for impact and believes in finding sustainable and long-lasting solutions to the world’s toughest problems. She loves people, travel and the magic that can come from dedicated groups working together and learning from each other. Email: [email protected]

Ambre van de Berg

Wellness Curator

Ambre believes the real beauty in loving ourselves is the gift that it gives the world. If you know how to take loving care of your body and soul, if you’re connected to yourself, then you will honor the needs of our planet and take loving care of it, too. If your mind is clear, you can help spread clarity. Ambre teach tools of personal wellness because that is the key to global wellbeing.

Tomas Pettersson

Photographer & Filmmaker

Tomas is one of the creatives that spread the vibes from 109's trips through visual imagery. In writing he is a man of few words, in real life… not so much. His head is full of ideas, words, love and laughter that he will gladly share with anyone around.

Linus Eliasson

Creative Content Director

Linus loves to capture beautiful things on film and he's part of @sodalime_ where they do that for a living. At 109 he communicates the beauty and the challenges in all places 109 is active.

Winter Mesko-Eby

Social Media Manager

Winter is passionate about spending time in the outdoors and reducing her carbon footprint by living a simple and non materialistic life. She has high aspirations of traveling and learning as much as she can about this big beautiful world while staying eco-friendly. She also values a lifestyle of constant self improvement and wellbeing. Winter began practicing yoga in 2019 and has recently become a registered yoga teacher with hopes of being able to help herself and those around her live a life full of wellness, happiness, and awareness. Winter manages 109's social media by drafting and posting wellness, sustainability, and retreat themed content as well as engages with our online community. Email: [email protected]

Rebecca Slaughter


Rebecca, together with Tomas and Linus, helps 109 create original, bold and high quality content for 109's social media accounts. Her creativity and depth makes sure our content is inspiring, honest and meaningful.

Board of Directors

Daniel Epstein

Development Chair

Daniel’s life has been shaped by a fundamental belief that entrepreneurship is the answer to nearly all the issues we face today. By the time he received his undergraduate degree in philosophy, he’d already started three companies. In 2012 he was recognized by Inc. Magazine as a “30 under 30 entrepreneur” and by Forbes as one of the “top 30 most impactful entrepreneurs” of the year. In 2013, he received the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the World” award along with Richard Branson & the President of Liberia at the Global Entrepreneurship Forum. Today, this passion for entrepreneurship and startups has led to the creation of Unreasonable Group. Daniel is proudly the founder Unreasonable Institute, Unreasonable Capital, UNREASONABLE.is, Unreasonable Group, Unreasonable at Sea, Unreasonable Impact, Girl Effect Accelerator, Project Literacy Lab, as well as co-founder of Unreasonable Media and Unreasonable Goals. Daniel believes in militant transparency and truthfulness in his everyday life and in all of the projects he is part of. He also has an overt love for his hometown of Boulder Colorado.

Juanita Galvis

Community Outreach Chair

Head of Social Impact Advocacy and Impact Travel for The Assemblage, a community providing co-working, co-living and social spaces for individuals seeking development, transformation and interconnection. She has 5 years of experience in the stock market, 4 in real-estate development and 6 years, as an entrepreneur, in the fashion industry. After joining our 109 refugee trip in Greece, she was empowered to dedicate her life to raising awareness of our individual and collective potential to be of service to others. Her vision is to create meaningful opportunities for people to connect through compassion.

Leticia Reyes

Co-Founder & Board Chair

Leticia is on a mission of enabling each individual's potential to create positive change and advance the field of philanthropy worldwide. There is nothing she enjoys more than the great power that small groups of committed individuals have in creating extraordinary things.Email: [email protected]

Olivia Rothschild

Co-Founder & Chairperson

Olivia loves creating opportunities for people to feel the positive impact they create when coming together and contributing with the little they can.

Veronica Cabezas

Marketing & Creative Partnerships Chair

Veronica is the director of business development for Motionographer, entrusted with identifying growth opportunities in line with the Motionographer's vision. Veronica brings a diverse background to the team, enriched with in-depth experience in entrepreneurship, wealth management, marketing, and mentorship. She is recognized as an ``Extraordinary Connector`` by peers and leaders from different sectors and has a proven ability to empathically tune in to a leader's vision and successfully engage critical stakeholders to materialize common goals, drawing on strengths while turning weaknesses into breakthrough opportunities. Veronica is a mentor for female-led companies based in New York City as part of WeMentor Program created by the City of New York to support female entrepreneurship. She is also an advisor for social innovation startups such as Allpamamas. Veronica's most observable traits are her passion for people and her love for food cultures. As a self-taught chef, she is the most in her element when creating emotional-bonding experiences that merge food and her favorite humans together.