Welcome to 109 World

A community for anyone searching to take better care of themselves and the planet

Many of us have a strong sense of

why it is important to live a mindful

life — But to move from why to how

can be challenging.

This is our reason for existence. You may find yourself struggling to kickstart new healthy habits that don’t seem to stick, or trying to be of service to the world. So how do you make these practices become your life itself? How can you easily access a grounded mindset on any day? 

What can you do to help your surroundings more often? Although our team at 109 doesn’t claim to have all the answers, we exist to provide a foundation, practical tools and an incredible community of support as you continue on this journey of mental wellness and purpose. 

Our Approach


Mahatma Gandhi described travel as ‘The Language of Peace.’ To experience different realities fosters compassion, awareness and understanding of one another and ourselves. At 109 we deeply believe that travel, if designed in collaboration with the local community, can be all about making it better for future generations.


Through our mindfulness workshops & retreats we help individuals improve their relationship with themselves and their surroundings. At 109 we've learned that you can only give as much love to the world as you have for yourself. After all, we are more able to handle life’s challenges when we are feeling our best mentally and emotionally.

“After being on 3 retreats with 109 now, I continue to be amazed at how different each experience has been for me. Each time I return, I continue to learn more about myself, become more conscious of the challenges facing our world and how I can do my part to help, and have made some lasting friendships. I consider this an invaluable experience and look forward to many more journeys together!”

Dr. Subhashini Katumuluwa Preventive Medicine Physician

“I came into this experience with unfathomable trauma, anxiety, depression and truly a loss of myself; yet, I left having redefined my self-love and self-care, strengthened my voice, and grown in love for another community and people. I am learning that I truly am my own healer, hero and leader. Thank you for keeping my heart soft and until we meet again, may 109 continue to change the world with its presence, action and intention.”

Caitlin BeauchampSolution Lead, Fusion Risk Management

“My journey with 109 far exceeded my expectations and will stick with me for a long, long time. 109 World provided a phenomenal opportunity to travel and provide real impact directly at the source. I felt the journey provided real value to myself, and more importantly, the community we were visiting. It's one thing to read about issues in the world firsthand - it's another to be able to travel to and make a direct impact where it matters. Thank you 109 World!”

Brian DoochinCo-Founder &Director, Rally On Media

“My time with 109 in Zion truly lit up my life and sparked a fire. It's been about a month now since I went and experienced the magic of the location, coaches, yoga teacher, 109 crew, and amazing women I met there and I carry them with me each and every day. The work and magic we started while in Zion has impacted my world tremendously and I'm actively seeking to continue to have it grow and benefit my world and my relationships.”

Kathryn SutterSpecial Education Teacher/Behavior Specialist

One of the questions we’re asked most often is how

we do what we do. How do we practice mindfulness?

How do we curate our retreats? How do we add value to

a global community?

In the spirit of community and personal growth, we created a Lifestyle section where you can find a compilation of FREE 109 Guides designed to break down the tips, tools, and exercises that help us live a more mindful, sustainable and fulfilling life. We highly encourage you to go explore and remember, the key is in deliberate practice.

What Makes Us Different?

109 World is Going Carbon Neutral

And you can do the same now while on our retreats! 109 has come together with CHOOOSE to make our retreats carbon neutral and fight climate change.
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Offset Your Round Trip Flights

1.70 tons CO2

Offset Your Daily Footprint

0.85 tons CO2