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A Letter From Us to You

We are so happy to see you here. If you have never heard about 109, we work with individuals to create a shift in their lives and with organizations to provide lasting transformation across their teams. Many of us have a strong sense of why it is important to live a mindful life — but to move from the “why” to the “how” can be challenging. This is our reason for existence. You may find yourself struggling to have a stable meditation practice, trying to kickstart new healthy habits that don’t seem to stick, or struggling to be of service to your community. How do you make these practices become your life itself? How can you easily access a grounded mindset on any day? What can you do to help your surroundings more often? Although our team at 109 doesn’t claim to have all the answers, we exist to provide practical tools and an incredible community to be your support system as you continue on this journey. Deep inside you already know the way, we are here to help you follow your path towards a more mindful and fulfilled life. Let’s do it together?

Co-Founder & CEO

Our Approach


On every 109 retreat we partner with local grassroots organizations who are positively impacting their communities and environments. Volunteering with them gives us the opportunity to put our hands in the soil, break bread together, and truly gain perspective and clarity of our place in the world.


Mahatma Gandhi described travel as ‘The Language of Peace.’ To experience different realities fosters compassion, awareness and understanding of one another and yourself. At 109 we deeply believe that travel, if designed with intention and in collaboration with the local community, can be a force for good.


Through mindfulness sessions on our retreats, we offer real and tangible tools to help individuals improve their way of living, their relationship with themselves and therefore their relationship with their surroundings. At 109 we've learned that you can only give as much love to the world as you have for yourself.

Up and Coming Retreats

109 Environment in Mexico

Dates: December 3-8, 2021
Cause: Regenerative Environment
Activities: Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness & Permaculture
Hosts: 109 World and Playa Viva

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109 Costa Rica Interest List

Day Retreat in Colorado

Dates: Boulder, CO Summer 2021
Cause: Rest, Refocus & Recharge
Activities: Yoga, Breath-work & Wim Hof Method
Hosts: 109 World & Wim Hof Instructor

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ReWilding Your Inner Cycles

Dates: Playa Viva, Mexico October, 2022
Cause: Inner Work, Healing & Nature
Activities: Introspection, Mindfulness & Spirituality
Hosts: 109 World

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Free Guides

In the spirit of community and growth, we created a Lifestyle section with a compilation of 109 Guides designed to break down the tips, tools, and exercises that help us live a more mindful, sustainable and fulfilling life.


We share every month a very content-rich newsletter filled with tools for introspection, mindfulness, conscious consumer tips , and resources for giving back locally and globally.

What Makes Us Different?

109 World is Going Carbon Neutral

And you can do the same now while on our retreats! 109 has come together with CHOOOSE to make our retreats carbon neutral and fight climate change.
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Offset Your Round Trip Flights

1.70 tons CO2

Offset Your Daily Footprint

0.85 tons CO2